Every studio website includes an equipment list, so here’s mine. This setup sounds great and working here is fast and flexible. I can mix entirely in the computer, or entirely on the console with analog outboard, or a combination of both. There are lots of cool guitar and bass options. And with Sharkbite down the hall, I have rental access to some lovely vintage and modern mics, as well as nice drum kits and more amps. (We won’t need more amps.)


Digital System Mac Pro (8-core, 20GB RAM), OSX 10.12. Pro Tools 12 HDX, 24 I/O (Avid HD I/O 16×16 + 192 8×8), 2x UAD‑2 Quad.

Mixing Console Neotek Élan II.

Dynamics Chandler TG1, Empirical Labs Distressor (2), Daking FET II (2), TK BC501, Tonelux TX5C (2x), Valley People Dyna-Mite (2), xqp 545 Optical Disrupter (2), DIYRE Colour (4), Focusrite Compounder, FMR Audio RNC, ART Pro-VLA II.

External Mic Preamps Daking Pre/EQ (2), Yamaha PM1000 channel strips (2), Shure M67 (4 I/O).

Equalization Dangerous BAX, API 550a (2), White 4000.

Monitoring Adam S3A, Auratone. Meyer CP-10s EQ. Control room tuned by Bob Hodas.

Headphone System Furman HDS/HR.

Inputs 16 from live room, 4 from iso. Instrument and speaker tie lines to live room and iso.

Mobile Recording Macbook Pro, Pro Tools 10, RME Multiface, Presonus Digimax D8 (3). 24 inputs.


Dynamic AKG D112 (2), AKG D12VR, Beyer m201 (2), Beyer M69, Beyer M88, Bang Olufsen MD8 (omni), EV ND/868, EV PL20, EV 635a (3), EV 664, Peavey PVM-520i, Sennheiser 421 (3), Sennheiser 441, Shure 546 (3), Shure SM-57 (3), Shure SM7b, Yamaha Subkick, Yamaha MZ203, Yamaha MZ204, Yamaha MZ205.

Ribbon AEA R88 (stereo), Royer R121, RCA MI-6204 (2), Extinct BM9, Extinct Black Ops, sE VR1 (2), Reslo PR, Avantone CR-14.

Small Condenser Josephson e22s (2), Shure KSM141 (2), Oktava MC012 (2), Audix SCX-one (2), Shure Beta 91a, Behringer ECM8000 (2).

Large Condenser Weights & Measures mk7 U47 clone, Audio Technica AT4050.

Guitar and Bass

Amps ’79 Marshall JMP, Marshall 1958x, Ampeg V4, Hi-Tone HT100DR, Traynor YGL-3A, EVH 5150 III 100w, Mesa Studio Preamp, Fryette Deliverance, silverface Fender Twin Reverb, ’66 Fender Bassman, Yamaha T50, Peavey VTM60, Peavey Heritage VTX, ’65 Ampeg Jet, Alamo Fiesta, Roland JC120, Traynor TS25, Marshall 8100, Randall RG100HT, GK 800RB.

Cabinets ’79 Marshall 4×12, ’70s Orange 4×12, ’90s Mesa Boogie 4×12. Bergantino NV425, EV B115-M.

Guitars Ibanez Artist, Washburn Wing, Edwards Les Paul, Danelectro U2, Danelectro 12-string semi-hollow. Fender MIJ Precision bass, Ibanez Roadstar II bass, Greco Jazz bass.

Pedals Tons, vintage and modern. MXR, Electro Harmonix, Boss, ProCo, Ibanez, SansAmp, Moog, Ben Adrian, Caroline, Catalinbread, Electronic Audio Experiments, Fuzzrocious, GCI, Heavy, Earthquaker, Thermionic, Tronographic, Walrus.


Ludwig Classic Maple shells (22/12/16). DW Performance Series snare. Vintage Tama Imperialstar snare.