Semi-Annual Update

Some news: This fall I’m leaving my day job and turning into a full-time recording engineer. Holy shit!

Finally, scheduling studio time with me will be easier, including long (days/weeks) tracking sessions. My mix calendar will get much more predictable. I’ll do more Tape Op writing, write here more than once a decade, and try to bike to the studio every day.

This is a big deal for me and my family and I am very, very grateful for their support and for taking this on with me. Thanks also to the bands I’m lucky enough to work with and get to know, and the friends who have encouraged me to do this ridiculous thing.

Let’s make records!

While I’m at it, here’s some recent (“recent”) work…


Kowloon Walled City Grievances Our third LP came out in October. We put a lot into it and we’re all proud of the results. (listen | session pics)


Ghoul Dungeon Bastards “The mosh parts have mosh parts.” I recorded and mixed. We tracked drums in two days in my tiny room at Antisleep. No grids, no samples. This record rules and, holy shit, it debuted at #13 on the Billboard hard rock charts. (listen)

Roger Waters and My Morning Jacket Live at the Newport Folk Festival, playing a Dylan song. I mixed the last song in this video. More than once, I looked at the labels on my faders in disbelief.


Fred Frith Trio Another Day in Fucking Paradise My friend Jason Hoopes plays bass in Fred’s new trio, and asked if I was interested in recording an LP for them. Sure, I guess. In January we spent three very focused days tracking at Sharkbite. I did my best to make this session smooth and painless, so the group’s inspiration and improvisation were in charge. And even though really I was running to keep up, I survived and it was great to be a part of this. Myles Boisen mixed and mastered. (listen)


Mouth Deathroll. A 12 minute LP of gnarly drum/bass hardcore. These guys came in to Sharkbite super dialed, which gave us enough time to stretch and find some cool sounds. Mixed on the Neotek at Antisleep. Great record. (listen | session pics)

Doralice Rusted Pieces Doralice is Yates and Rima from Ventid, playing acoustic chamber… jazz? While we were tracking an LP last year, we realized that the three of us all love Megadeth Rust In Peace. I started talking them into covering a song, and somehow a few months later Yates had arranged acoustic versions of the entire record. That’s insane, but anyway, we booked a day in Sharkbite to shoot a live video with my friend Colin Frangos, then track as many songs as we could manage. That turned into a 5-song EP. (listen)


Mercy Ties Proper Corruption Total ripper. Tracked (at Sharkbite) and mixed (at Antisleep) in seven days. Amazingly I think this is the first record I’ve done start to finish in one consecutive block of time. (listen | session pics)


Throes To Dust Also a ripper. Andy Patterson tracked at The Boar’s Nest, and I mixed. (listen)


Solip Dissociation Heavy, washy pedalboard doom from Oakland. Tracked in a weekend at Sharkbite, mixed on the console at Antisleep. (listen | session pics)

More recent releases:

Some Tape Op gear reviews: TK Audio BC501, AKG D12VR, xqp 535 EQ and 545 Optical Disrupter.

In the works: Less Art, NY in 64, Loyalists, Horseneck, Aberrant Phase, Bye Bye Blackbirds, can’t even remember what else.

Whew. If you read this far, thanks. Next update: fall 2019.

Working Class Audio Interview Matt’s podcast is easily the best recording podcast I’ve found, so it was cool to be a guest myself. You know, Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, Billy Anderson, and me. Hah!
(listen | download)


Greg Wilkinson I interviewed Greg for Tape Op and it turned out great. (read)


Baby Boy 2015 Going-away record for this Thou side project. They tracked in Baton Rouge and I mixed & mastered. Songs about friends and dogs. (listen)


Minsk The Crash and the Draw I spent a couple of days with Timothy Mead tracking vocals for some of this epic Minsk LP. Produced by Sanford Parker. (listen)


Old Earth Until They’re Called Todd recorded the underpinnings of this EP at Antisleep in March. He had one guitar and two pedals – a looper/delay and a slapback delay. He builds little loops as he goes, then plays along. We plugged him into my Fender Twin and set up a few mics, then Todd played all three songs in one pass, first try, including the transitions between songs. Pretty rad. (listen)


Thou Whatever Nevermind I tracked Andy’s guitars for two Nirvana covers. (listen)


Roman Cities The Sharksleep Sessions Old school, Cars-inspired pop by my homie Ian Miller and some other friends. Clean guitars, noise gates, chorus pedals, songs with choruses. We tracked at Sharkbite and Antisleep, and The Greg Thompson mixed. (listen / session pics)


Mauler New York D-beats and HM-2’s. I mixed. (listen)

mercy ties-450

Mercy Ties We spent five days tracking at Sharkbite, then two days mixing at Antisleep. Great band, great session, and only one thing blew up. LP out on Glory Kid in a few months.


Kowloon Walled City We tracked a full-length a few months ago and finished it as time allowed. During that time I think I almost saw the light a few times. Out this fall on Neurot Recordings, with vinyl on Gilead Media.

Some Tape Op gear reviews: TB Audio TBDD chorus, DIYRE Colour saturator.

Also in progress: Throes, Them Teeth, Lysine, Defending the Kingdom, a bunch of other good stuff. Also some studio upgrades, adding more outboard gear. The Neotek console has been perfect so far and I’m reconfiguring a bit so I can mix on it more.

(photos: old earth sam lee; greg, minsk, thou, roman cities, mercy ties gse)


Bog Oak A Treatise On Resurrection And The Afterlife I did side A of this huge downtuned EP. The band was so dialed that it was almost easy. We tracked at Sharkbite and mixed at Antisleep. This was an interesting mix–after I spent a lot of time making it bigger, meaner, whatever, I referred back to my rough tracking mix and realized that the rough was better! We got it right the first time. So I scrapped my mix and started again with a lighter hand, and I’m really happy with the results. (listen / session pics)


Power-Take-Off Unhinged I’ve known Gus since his days in GRIDS, and I’ve wanted to work with PTO since I heard their first released song. The band tracked this EP in a North Carolina practice space and I mixed. It’s gnaaaaaarly. (listen)


Sie Lieben Maschinen June Gloom Josh Newton (Shiner, Every Time I Die, most other bands) and Steve Tulipana (Season to Risk) with great contributions from Chris Bolig (Cartographer, Replicator), Shannon Corr (Minot, Greenlight the Bombers), and 41 distortion pedals. This record’s story is a post unto itself, but I tracked a lot of it and mixed, and directed traffic. Should be out early next year. (listen)


Puig Destroyer The baseball band got signed and did a full-length. Riley did the drums in LA, Mike tracked vocals in Chicago with Andrew Ragin, we tracked guitars and mixed at Antisleep. Fun as hell, as usual. (listen)


Tartufi Canyon We recorded “Sick of the Sirens” at Sharkbite and mixed at Antisleep. There’s also a second song from this session, which will hopefully end up somewhere. I really like this band–another one that I wanted to record since I first heard them. So many layers. (listen)

A few more recent releases: Hellbeard Dark/Light, Disastroid Missiles. And some works in progress: Drunk Dad, Minsk, Baby Boy, Roman Cities, The Sunset Shipwrecks.

Some Tape Op gear reviews: sE X1R ribbon mic, Traynor DarkHorse 15H, Minifooger pedals.


And last month I installed this small but beautiful Neotek Elan II console. Handmade in Chicago, 16 mic inputs, 36 inputs at mix, sounds great. It’s already been awesome to use the console for tracking and I’m figuring out ways to fit it into real-world mixing workflows. Everybody likes the idea of keeping it real by mixing on a console–ride faders as the mix goes down, commit and call it done–but in reality I do lots of recalls and jump between sessions over the course of weeks or months. But if you want to do an attended mix session and call it done when we’re done, I’m down.

November makes a year since I opened Antisleep Oakland. To all the bands I’ve been lucky enough to work with during that year, new friends and old: Thanks. I love making music with you.

(photos: BO Kevin Brown; PTO Andrew Christian; PD Ian Miller; SLM, Tartufi, Neotek me)

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