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VentidRemember Your Audience was released last fall on vinyl. I love this record. RIYL Slint, Cursive, prog (the good kind). They have a few copies left. Listen.

Kowloon Walled City – Last spring we recorded a song for a split with Thou, as part of the Hell Comes Home singles series. Thou covered “4th Of July” by Soundgarden. We covered “July” by Low, with guest vocals by the amazing Lisa Papineau. I recorded our side at TTJ (our classy practice space). Anyway — the record is finally out and it looks great. The label is sold out of individual copies, but has some subscriptions left. We’ll have a few individual copies for sale pretty soon. Listen.

GeneralissimoIron Heart is a 7″ with two songs from our session last fall. It contains the bass tone of a thousand forgotten proles. Listen. (this is neat: there’s another version of “Silver Skin”, recorded the following week by Tim Green at Louder, on their new LP.)

Sanford Parker – My interview with Sanford was in the Nov/Dec Tape Op. There’s some bonus content online.

Yowie – I just finished mixing a record for these guys, and it’s being mastered now. Crazy atonal prog-noise. This should be required listening for every tech metal band that talks about how their music is too weird for most people.

Ladder Devils – I just finished mixing four songs for a vinyl release that’s happening Really Soon.

Tigon – And right now, I’m working on a full-length for Tigon. We tracked at Sharkbite, with some overdubs at TTJ. These guys have been my favorite heavy Bay Area band for years. Weird, heavy, really good. I’m stoked on this record.

(photos: Ventid – me, Gmo – Shannon Corr, Sanford – me, Yowie – Dustin Winter/KDHX, LDevils – Ashley Campbell, Tigon – Bryan Proteau)

(There’s a shorter version of this on the Tape Op blog.)

I’ve recorded a lot of very loud bands — including my own — in cramped practice spaces, using a mobile rig that I bring in for tracking. It’s a challenge, but it’s kind of cool. And laptops have gotten powerful enough that even older ones can loaf through a 16- or 24-input session.

But a few years ago I started getting bit by a nasty problem: intermittently, my DAW (Cubase) wouldn’t stay in record for more than a few minutes. A few minutes into a take, Cubase’s hard drive performance meter would freak out, then I’d see a “Too many tracks recording” dialog as recording stopped. This is the Nuendo version of the same dialog, but you get the point:


This really rattled me — how can you focus on what matters if you’re always worried about your recorder failing? — and it was hard to track down the cause. I had upgraded some hardware and software on my laptop, and the problem was very intermittent. But it always seemed to happen during real takes (ugh).

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Chris Owens – My interview with Chris is in this month’s Tape Op. Thanks to Nick Thieneman for the photography.


Joe 4 – The aluminum guitars are strong with this one. I mixed an EP called Enola Gay which will be out any day now is on bandcamp, and 10″ vinyl. They tracked at Kramasonik in Croatia. I also mixed a song (tracked elsewhere) for the PRF Singles Club.


Generalissimo – We just finished five songs for a few splits and seven-inches. No, they didn’t wear the uniforms in the studio, but they did maintain an admirable work ethic. We tracked at Sharkbite.


CartographerHats, Capes, Dark Arts is out and it rules. Colin from Ovipositor hand-silkscreened the cover with something like seven colors. Damn. Listen.

ventid tracking

Ventid – I just finished an EP with them, tracked at Sharkbite. I love it. RIYL Slint, Cursive, prog (the good kind). Hopefully this will see vinyl in the next few months.

(carto pic by Shannon Corr)

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