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  • Availability I generally book 3-6 months out, but that changes all the time.
  • Recording vs. Mixing About half of my work is mixing tracks that were recorded elsewhere, and I mix most of what I record.
  • Studios I’ll record just about anywhere. I always mix at my studio. For recording, my place is great for overdubs but it’s too small to track most full bands. In the Bay Area I love working at Sharkbite Studios. Elsewhere I can help find the right studio.
  • Time Records should be made as quickly as possible but no quicker. Bands I work with have made LPs in two days and they’ve also taken much, much longer. I think an ideal timeline for most full-lengths is 8-10 focused days including mixing, but it depends on a lot of variables.
  • Travel Sessions These are possible. I love recording elsewhere when I can.
  • Traveling to the Bay Area If you’re thinking about coming from out of town to make a record, I can help you figure it out. We have burritos.
  • Stems If your project requires alternate mixes, stems, or other archival preparation, that takes time. Let me know up front so we can schedule and budget accordingly.
  • Mastering I’m not a mastering engineer; I strongly prefer sending mixes to someone who is. I work with a few ME’s regularly whose work I like a lot.


$500/day. Tracking or mixing, in any studio.

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