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  • Availability I generally book 3-6 months out, but that changes all the time.
  • Recording vs. Mixing About half of my work is mixing tracks that were recorded elsewhere, and I mix most of what I record. There are many permutations and I’m cool with most of them.
  • Studios I’ll record just about anywhere. I always mix at my studio. For recording, my place is great for overdubs but it’s too small to track most full bands. So factor that into your budget. In the Bay Area I love working at Sharkbite Studios. Elsewhere I can help find the right studio.
  • Time Records should be made as quickly as possible but no quicker. Bands I work with have taken three days to make an LP and they’ve also taken much, much longer. I think the ideal time for most LPs is ten days including mixing, but I’m happy to discuss your budget and goals.
  • Travel Sessions These are possible. I love recording elsewhere when I can.
  • Traveling to the Bay Area If you’re thinking about coming from out of town to make a record, I can help you figure it out. We have burritos.
  • Stems If your project requires alternate mixes, stems, or other archival preparation, that takes time. Let me know up front so we can schedule and budget accordingly.
  • Mastering I’m not a mastering engineer; I strongly prefer sending mixes to someone who is. I work with a few ME’s regularly whose work I like a lot.


$500/day. Tracking or mixing, in any studio.

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