War Bison // Antisleep I’m a producer/engineer/mixer based in Oakland CA. I also play in Kowloon Walled City and write for Tape Op Magazine.

Making records is one of my favorite things in the world. I’ve recorded in incredible studios, in crappy practice spaces, and in living rooms. I’ve mixed albums that were tracked halfway around the world and I’ve sent my tracks to other engineers for mixing. I’ve done live multitrack recordings at big shows and warehouse shows. I’ve driven hundreds of miles and flown to other countries for sessions. It’s all great.

Antisleep, my studio, is in Oakland. It’s a comfortable, well-equipped two-room setup. I can do records start to finish in this space, and for some records it’s perfect. But for rock bands and jet engine amps, it’s too small. Since Sharkbite Studios is down the hall, we usually track bands using Sharkbite’s amazing live room and Daking console, then move to Antisleep for overdubs and mixing. I’m also happy to travel for sessions (which costs less than you might think).

Here are a few interviews.

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