Hello from 2021

Shane Mehling, Great Falls bass lunatic and one of the least gifted self-promoters I know, texted me yesterday to say that I never update my website. He’s right. I’ve been planning to replace this creaky site for years and haven’t come up with an idea I like yet. For now Instagram is the best way to keep up with me regularly. I do think it’s important for creatives to avoid depending on algorithm-based social media and I really am working on that, at my own special pace.

I’ve spent Hellscape: 2020 parenting, mixing some great records, catching up with deferred maintenance and gear changes, shooting film, and studying circuits and PCB layout. A few months ago I did a production run of KWB+ pedals, my take on the unobtanium KWB. Those sold out quickly but I’m planning another run this summer. (Email me to get on the list.) I’ve been working on a few other circuits too, analog and digital. We’ll see where that goes.

Here’s some records I’ve worked on over the last while.

That’s it for now. Next update by 2023!