Working Class Audio Interview Matt’s podcast is easily the best recording podcast I’ve found, so it was cool to be a guest myself. You know, Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, Billy Anderson, and me. Hah!
(listen | download)


Greg Wilkinson I interviewed Greg for Tape Op and it turned out great. (read)


Baby Boy 2015 Going-away record for this Thou side project. They tracked in Baton Rouge and I mixed & mastered. Songs about friends and dogs. (listen)


Minsk The Crash and the Draw I spent a couple of days with Timothy Mead tracking vocals for some of this epic Minsk LP. Produced by Sanford Parker. (listen)


Old Earth Until They’re Called Todd recorded the underpinnings of this EP at Antisleep in March. He had one guitar and two pedals – a looper/delay and a slapback delay. He builds little loops as he goes, then plays along. We plugged him into my Fender Twin and set up a few mics, then Todd played all three songs in one pass, first try, including the transitions between songs. Pretty rad. (listen)


Thou Whatever Nevermind I tracked Andy’s guitars for two Nirvana covers. (listen)


Roman Cities The Sharksleep Sessions Old school, Cars-inspired pop by my homie Ian Miller and some other friends. Clean guitars, noise gates, chorus pedals, songs with choruses. We tracked at Sharkbite and Antisleep, and The Greg Thompson mixed. (listen / session pics)


Mauler New York D-beats and HM-2’s. I mixed. (listen)

mercy ties-450

Mercy Ties We spent five days tracking at Sharkbite, then two days mixing at Antisleep. Great band, great session, and only one thing blew up. LP out on Glory Kid in a few months.


Kowloon Walled City We tracked a full-length a few months ago and finished it as time allowed. During that time I think I almost saw the light a few times. Out this fall on Neurot Recordings, with vinyl on Gilead Media.

Some Tape Op gear reviews: TB Audio TBDD chorus, DIYRE Colour saturator.

Also in progress: Throes, Them Teeth, Lysine, Defending the Kingdom, a bunch of other good stuff. Also some studio upgrades, adding more outboard gear. The Neotek console has been perfect so far and I’m reconfiguring a bit so I can mix on it more.

(photos: old earth sam lee; greg, minsk, thou, roman cities, mercy ties gse)