The new studio has been great, both for tracking and mixing. It’s comfortable, the rooms sound good, everything’s good. I also upgraded to Pro Tools HDX, and had Bob Hodas over to tune control room, which was a big improvement.

In November, A Minor Forest played their first show in 15 years. It was fantastic. Ken Thomas filmed and edited, and I recorded and mixed.


Kowloon Walled City / Batillus split KWC covered Godflesh’s “Anthem” and our friends in Batillus covered Ministry’s “Lava”. Batillus stopped by Sharkbite for a day of tracking while they were on tour last year. I’ve wanted to record them for a long time, and I love how their track came out. (listen / session pics)


Hush Unexist Slow, enormous doom from Albany NY. This LP was a cool collaboration – Ryan Slowey and I planned out tracking together, then he tracked at Black Dog Studios in upstate NY, then I mixed. I’m really happy with the result. The record comes out in June. (listen)


Pins of Light “Lie Detector” 7″ Another band I’ve wanted to record for a while – we did a 7″ split (with Weedeater) for Scion AV. We tracked at Sharkbite and overdubbed and mixed at Antisleep. (listen)


The Loyalists First of the Mohicans Busted noise rock with electric cello, played by friends from a stack of previous bands. Tracked at Sharkbite, the band did vocals and other overdubs on their own, then mixed at Antisleep. (listen / session pics)


Vulgar Trade Gross Century After we finished the Loyalists record, their drummer Chad casually said “I play guitar and sing in another band and we want to record too.” Turns out Chad’s other band is rad! Fast, dirty hardcore with a mathy DC twist. We did drums at Sharkbite, and everything else at Antisleep. (listen)

A few more recent releases:

In progress: Tartufi, Power Take Off, Sie Lieben Maschinen, Doralice, Disastroid, Hellbeard, probably others.