Kowloon Walled City – We just released our third record, Container Ships. Here are a few studio journals: part 1, part 2. Writing and recording this record was an intense, exhausting experience, but it was worth it. Listen.

old man gloom

Old Man Gloom – In September, I recorded OMG at a sweaty warehouse show in Chico, while Kenneth Thomas and crew filmed it. This came out awesome. Here’s video.


Satya Sena – We just finished a 3-song 7″ that’s due out soon. We tracked in one long day at Sharkbite, with a few vocals the next day at TTJ.

I mentioned a few records-in-progress last update, and they’re out:

  • Tigon Infinite Teeth (listen)
  • Ladder Devils Nowhere Plans (listen)
  • Yowie Damning With Faint Praise (listen


Garris Shipon – My interview with Garris was in the August issue of Tape Op. Brutal Truth! CoC!


Andrew Schneider – My interview with Andrew was in the June issue of Tape Op. Since then, Andrew moved Translator Audio to a fantastic new spot, only to see it completely decimated by Hurricane Sandy. Awful news. Last I heard they’re recovering and rebuilding, and I wish them the best.

Some Tape Op gear reviews – Cubase 6.5 review; nerdy review of two computer keyboards.

(photos: Satya Sena – Shannon Corr; Garris & Andrew: me)