Chris Owens – My interview with Chris is in this month’s Tape Op. Thanks to Nick Thieneman for the photography.


Joe 4 – The aluminum guitars are strong with this one. I mixed an EP called Enola Gay which will be out any day now is on bandcamp, and 10″ vinyl. They tracked at Kramasonik in Croatia. I also mixed a song (tracked elsewhere) for the PRF Singles Club.


Generalissimo – We just finished five songs for a few splits and seven-inches. No, they didn’t wear the uniforms in the studio, but they did maintain an admirable work ethic. We tracked at Sharkbite.


CartographerHats, Capes, Dark Arts is out and it rules. Colin from Ovipositor hand-silkscreened the cover with something like seven colors. Damn. Listen.

ventid tracking

Ventid – I just finished an EP with them, tracked at Sharkbite. I love it. RIYL Slint, Cursive, prog (the good kind). Hopefully this will see vinyl in the next few months.

(carto pic by Shannon Corr)

Men of Reaper

Reaper – My interview with Justin and Christope is in this month’s Tape Op. Good read for music nerds and software nerds.


Tigon have a few splits out with the songs we did this spring. We tracked basics at Sharkbite in Oakland, and did guitar/vox overdubs at good old TTJ. I love this stuff. Dense mathy punk, sludged out heaviness. Listen.

KWC at Cake Shop, photo by Justin Tyler

Kowloon Walled City – If you missed it, a few months ago we did a split with Fight Amp and Ladder Devils. We tracked at Sharkbite. Download/buy. (Also, tour was great. Lots of pics.)

One of three Cartographers

Cartographer – I recently finished a full-length with these fine gentlemen, tracked at Mr. Toad’s in San Francisco. This record rules and you should hassle Ben about releasing it promptly. Carto.

Couple of new records out that I mixed…

[mandelbrot set] Hotel Magnolia – Croatian noise rock with a psych bend. These guys tracked everything in Croatia and shipped me a pile of DVDs to mix. Great record and the package is beautiful too — 12″ clear vinyl with an included CD. I’m not quite sure how to get a copy in the US — ask the band. myspace

The Scrams – Four-song 7″. Good times garage rock, a la The Oh Sees or King Khan. Tracked in an Albuquerque garage, mixed by me. Buy it here, download free mp3’s here.

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