Neurosis – On New Year’s Eve, I recorded Neurosis at the Oakland Metro, working again with Kenneth Thomas and his film crew, along with Sal and Paige at the Metro. Exhausting, amazing session.

omg reissues

Old Man Gloom – The new OMG reissues include a bunch of live material, which I tracked last year in San Francisco and Chico, and James Plotkin mixed. I don’t think it’s online, but here’s the one video I mixed.

rise and fall live

Rise and Fall – I just finished mixes for a gnarly live LP. It’s off to mastering now.

cc rhodes

Command Control – We did 4 songs at Sharkbite in January. This was super fun. No bass guitar! Combo amps! Rhodes! (listen)


EjaculoidWuvable Oaf #4 is out and includes an EJACLULOID flexi that we recorded at TTJ a while back. I love this session photo.


Glose – In January, we did three long-ass tracking days at Tad Doyle’s Witch Ape Studio in Seattle. Tad was the friendliest, most accomodating host I could imagine. Great session. I’m mixing this now.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now.

Meanwhile, construction continues on my rooms in the Sharkbite building. So much drywall and green glue.




(photos: OMG – Aaron Turner, RAF – Mathieu Vandekerckhove, CC & Oaf – me, construction – Ryan Massey)


Kowloon Walled City – We just released our third record, Container Ships. Here are a few studio journals: part 1, part 2. Writing and recording this record was an intense, exhausting experience, but it was worth it. Listen.

old man gloom

Old Man Gloom – In September, I recorded OMG at a sweaty warehouse show in Chico, while Kenneth Thomas and crew filmed it. This came out awesome. Here’s video.


Satya Sena – We just finished a 3-song 7″ that’s due out soon. We tracked in one long day at Sharkbite, with a few vocals the next day at TTJ.

I mentioned a few records-in-progress last update, and they’re out:

  • Tigon Infinite Teeth (listen)
  • Ladder Devils Nowhere Plans (listen)
  • Yowie Damning With Faint Praise (listen


Garris Shipon – My interview with Garris was in the August issue of Tape Op. Brutal Truth! CoC!


Andrew Schneider – My interview with Andrew was in the June issue of Tape Op. Since then, Andrew moved Translator Audio to a fantastic new spot, only to see it completely decimated by Hurricane Sandy. Awful news. Last I heard they’re recovering and rebuilding, and I wish them the best.

Some Tape Op gear reviews – Cubase 6.5 review; nerdy review of two computer keyboards.

(photos: Satya Sena – Shannon Corr; Garris & Andrew: me)

(There’s a shorter version of this on the Tape Op blog.)

I’ve recorded a lot of very loud bands — including my own — in cramped practice spaces, using a mobile rig that I bring in for tracking. It’s a challenge, but it’s kind of cool. And laptops have gotten powerful enough that even older ones can loaf through a 16- or 24-input session.

But a few years ago I started getting bit by a nasty problem: intermittently, my DAW (Cubase) wouldn’t stay in record for more than a few minutes. A few minutes into a take, Cubase’s hard drive performance meter would freak out, then I’d see a “Too many tracks recording” dialog as recording stopped. This is the Nuendo version of the same dialog, but you get the point:


This really rattled me — how can you focus on what matters if you’re always worried about your recorder failing? — and it was hard to track down the cause. I had upgraded some hardware and software on my laptop, and the problem was very intermittent. But it always seemed to happen during real takes (ugh).

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