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(There’s a shorter version of this on the Tape Op blog.)

I’ve recorded a lot of very loud bands — including my own — in cramped practice spaces, using a mobile rig that I bring in for tracking. It’s a challenge, but it’s kind of cool. And laptops have gotten powerful enough that even older ones can loaf through a 16- or 24-input session.

But a few years ago I started getting bit by a nasty problem: intermittently, my DAW (Cubase) wouldn’t stay in record for more than a few minutes. A few minutes into a take, Cubase’s hard drive performance meter would freak out, then I’d see a “Too many tracks recording” dialog as recording stopped. This is the Nuendo version of the same dialog, but you get the point:


This really rattled me — how can you focus on what matters if you’re always worried about your recorder failing? — and it was hard to track down the cause. I had upgraded some hardware and software on my laptop, and the problem was very intermittent. But it always seemed to happen during real takes (ugh).

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Chris Owens – My interview with Chris is in this month’s Tape Op. Thanks to Nick Thieneman for the photography.


Joe 4 – The aluminum guitars are strong with this one. I mixed an EP called Enola Gay which will be out any day now is on bandcamp, and 10″ vinyl. They tracked at Kramasonik in Croatia. I also mixed a song (tracked elsewhere) for the PRF Singles Club.


Generalissimo – We just finished five songs for a few splits and seven-inches. No, they didn’t wear the uniforms in the studio, but they did maintain an admirable work ethic. We tracked at Sharkbite.