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Men of Reaper

Reaper – My interview with Justin and Christope is in this month’s Tape Op. Good read for music nerds and software nerds.


Tigon have a few splits out with the songs we did this spring. We tracked basics at Sharkbite in Oakland, and did guitar/vox overdubs at good old TTJ. I love this stuff. Dense mathy punk, sludged out heaviness. Listen.

KWC at Cake Shop, photo by Justin Tyler

Kowloon Walled City – If you missed it, a few months ago we did a split with Fight Amp and Ladder Devils. We tracked at Sharkbite. Download/buy. (Also, tour was great. Lots of pics.)

One of three Cartographers

Cartographer – I recently finished a full-length with these fine gentlemen, tracked at Mr. Toad’s in San Francisco. This record rules and you should hassle Ben about releasing it promptly. Carto.